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Wir sind eine private Physiotherapiepraxis in Berlin Charlottenburg mit einer Spezialisierung auf
funktionelle Osteopathie, Medical Golf Physio und Sporttherapien.

With our first location in Schöneberg, we are one of the leading physiotherapy practices with maximum standards since 2002. As our therapies are based on evidence-based approaches, we treat the cause of our patients' individual problems and not only the symptoms.

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The principle of osteopathy is to improve the movements of the individual parts of the body. Therefore, we prioritise activity in our therapy. Osteopathy is a field of manual medicine in which various musculoskeletal disorders are diagnosed and treated with a hands-on approach. The osteopathic approach is a whole body approach and refers to the treatment of the cause of pain. We use a wide range of examination and treatment techniques.

With specially developed treatment and exercise methods, taking into account the individual biomechanically optimised golf swing, we support golfers in optimising their own golf game and help them to play without complaints.

The aim of a sports screening is to identify the individual risk of injury for rehabilitative and preventive purposes. For this purpose, special tests are carried out by our trained physiotherapists. Based on the tests, individual training plans can be created that address strength, movement strategy and neuromuscular activation. The test is suitable both after injuries to assess the ability to return to sport and as a preventive measure to assess a risk of injury. Causes of chronic conditions and recurrent injuries can also be identified.

We work in manual therapy according to the contents and scope of the IFOMPT (International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists). This enables us to provide effective and advanced treatment through the latest state of knowledge, which is always adapted to the latest medical knowledge.  Since 2008, we have been the training location of IAOMfor Berlin and the surrounding area. 

CMD is a functional disorder in the interaction between the jaw joints, the masticatory muscles and the teeth. CMD is not a disease but "only" a functional disorder. Common symptoms are, for example, the clicking sound when opening the mouth, unconscious teeth biting, clenching or grinding. These symptoms are often triggered by stress, lack of exercise or incorrect posture.

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