The first session consists of a detailed diagnosis. The body is examined in detail to determine the actual condition. The tests that we perform together serve to assess the biomechanical load-bearing capacity of the tissue so that we can then perform a wound healing analysis. The influence of wound healing times is the focus of our therapy.

Unser Befundschema basiert auf 3 Säulen: Lokale Untersuchung, Funktionale Untersuchung und Neuronale Untersuchung.Diese Art der Untersuchung basiert nicht auf einer symptombezogener Behandlung. Vielmehr interessieren uns die Ursachen Ihrer Problematik.

We treat causes and not symptoms: The so-called medical biomechanical impact analysis.

In the first session, we will talk about ways that can positively contribute to the wound healing process. We will also create an individual therapy plan with complementary exercises outside the office. We then create a time-based rehab plan so that we always keep the wound healing phases in focus of our therapy. This allows you to better assess your therapy in terms of time.

The therapy plan consists of both hands-on and hands-off methodologies. If you like our approach and are "ready for rehab," please feel free to contact us.

We can answer this quite clearly with NO. You do not need a prescription for an examination with us. Our experienced therapists are trained in the field of sectoral HP and have passed a special examination so that you can get an examination quickly and easily - even without a prescription.

Due to our specialization in the field of musculoskeletal examination and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, you have the possibility to be examined and treated by us via the sectoral HP. However, this concerns only the orthopedic specialty in the field of the musculoskeletal system.

Neurological diseases and diseases from other specialties must first be clarified by a conventional physician.

You are unable to keep your appointment?
Don't worry. Here are our cancellation deadlines:

Absagefrist: 24h vor dem Termin. 
Absagefrist für Termine am selben Tag: Bis 8 Uhr.

If an appointment is not kept and also not cancelled, we unfortunately have to delete all further appointments without consultation. A new appointment can only be made after the cancellation fee has been paid. We check our e-mails and answering machines at all times. Just leave us a short message if you are unable to attend.

Thank you for your understanding!

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